I am an artist who likes to work in a variety of mediums. I love clay, both earthenware clay and paper clay. I enjoy painting, adding fabric, jewelry, embellishments, and found objects to my work.

Color, symbol and pattern play an important part in my work, and reflects the richness of the cultural diversity I experienced as a child growing up in a multicultural neighborhood. As an adult, I continue to study art, music and read novels from many cultures, and these influences constantly find their way into my art.

The figure is always present in my work in some form or another, usually female, and is both an expression of the women around me, as well as a reflection of how I see myself as a woman. Woman as goddess is a common theme for me, whether derived from mythology or my own notion of the contemporary goddess - wife, mother, working woman, sexual being, etc. I am fascinated by these ideas of the universal woman and continue to find endless ways of portraying her many roles in this world.